Trinidadian slang meaning to hold a grudge for petty reasons, unusually unknown to the person it is directed at.
Girl: "OMG, they went to the mall and didn't invite me! I'm going to tote for life!"
by Zukoo September 28, 2013
An abbreviation for the word totally, when the speaker is too intoxicated and/or lazy add the last two syllables onto the word. Therefore, one gets 'totes.'
Also totes.
by FaceKate February 20, 2011
Totes   toht-z
1. wholly; entirely; completely.
2. Slang for totally

Originates out of Reed college in Portland, Oregon
I was totes tripping balls last night.
I totes banged your mom.
by Avoid_the_Noid September 16, 2010
Short slang for "totally".
"Hey did you hear about the concert next weekend? I totes wanna go to that!"
by mimict68 May 14, 2012
A shorter way of saying totally.
That movie was totes awesome.
by noidontliketwilight February 21, 2011
an Abbreviation for totally
except super sarcastically
evanna: wasn't that so funny?

susan: totes (as you roll susan rolls her eyes)
by lsdurbaname January 18, 2011
a word used often by Halle Berry. She uses it in order to disturb peace, because it is a word that is dumb and makes everyone mad.
Hey Timmy! I am totes going to chill with you today!
by Timmayyayayayyay February 12, 2011

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