Hairy, slutty girl who often tries to get with two guys at the same time. Girl who likes to touch dicks simultaneously.
One night, newman went after both me and my friends dick.
by johnlewis42 January 28, 2009
Jerry's fat annoying neighbor on the show Seinfeld, he works as a postman and he is a good friend of Kramer, and sometimes joins Kramer in his "get rich quick" schemes.
Newman is also responsible for bringing fleas into jerry's apartment as seen on the show.
His actor is Wayne Knight.
Newman: Hello, Jerry.
Jerry: Hello, Newman.
by Mario-Dx August 15, 2007
The mail delivery man from Seinfeld.
1. Newman: And you better pay for that chicken.

2. Newman: No, but there's karma Kramer.

3. "NEWMAN."
by Samama January 01, 2008
An adjective meaning the greatest thing EVER.
Tom: Did you watch The Godfather last night?
Greg: Yeah, it was totally newman!
by Thomas Toles October 19, 2007
Usually someone who acts exactly like the Seinfeld character of Newman. Sometimes it can be even used as a nickname for said person. Most of the time, if your name is Terry, you could be nicknamed Newman by your friends.
That Terry, he's such a Newman.
by xxxBOSSMAN March 10, 2011
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