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an awesome game released in mid 2010 by european indie developer "Notch."

the main hook of the game is its presentation; imagine if the world was made up of one meter cubed blocks which represented different materials, such as wood, stone, sand or diamonds. now imagine a world like that that is eight times larger than the surface of the earth and has zombies, skeletons, tarantulas, and zombies riding skeletons that emerge at night, plus a bizarre nether world populated by zombie pig people that are docile until you attack, and giant, firespittting jelly fish. imagine all that, then add the ability to dig deep into the earth and harvest materials. then also add the ability to take these resources and build a plethora of objects, such as houses, pickaxes, and furnaces. then add multiplayer, and you have minecraft. in short, it is awesome, and you will sink hours into it, wanting to find rare blocks lik e gold, diamond, or red stone.
Mike: Hey Jim, have you ever played Minecraft?
Jim: Hell yeah, I even found a vein of red stone 12 blocks large once. I was able to create a whole rail car system that spanned my Minecraft world!
Mike: Awesome!
by wpk914 November 30, 2010
a type of enemy mob in minecraft, a popular indie PC game. The creeper looks exactly like a penis, with the body making up the shaft and the feet looking like balls. This is all unintentional of course; the game's creator, Notch, says the Creeper comes from failed attempts to draw a pig.

The Creeper attacks by purposfully waiting in the corners of cave and silently stalking you. hence the name. Once the creeper gets within two blocks of you, it will make a sound like a fuse, and then blow up after a few seconds. This action is often described as "sssssssssssBOOM."

The Creeper is probably the most reconizable and despised creature in Minecraft. If one is spotted, AVOID.
I was mining in Minecraft, when I came across a pit of lava. I had some diamonds with me, so I carefully dug out a path around it I was about halfway through this process when I heard the telltale hiss of a creeper behind me. I turned around and it blew up right in my face. The last thing I saw before respawning were my precious diamonds falling into the lava. God damn creepers.
by wpk914 January 09, 2011
quite the controversial tune. it is Metallica's first song off of their self-titled fifth album AKA the black album. Some claim that it is the song with which they sold out, others claim it is their magnum opus, and still others just think of it as another song from the album. it is really up to you. it has some iconic guitar riffs, solid drumming, terrifying (lyrically) vocals, and a fairly epic guitar solo.
1. Guy:aw, dude, i dont listen to metallica any more because they sold out with enter sandman.

2. Guy: holy shit, enter sandman is the greatest song EVAR!!!111!!!

3. Guy:enter sandman? oh yeah, i remember that from the black album.
by wpk914 March 28, 2010
one who uses the Apple iPad at least twice a day and downloads apps, both free and paid ones like there's no tomorrow. these people will often complain when people leave smudges on the iPad screen and will also complain when they're away from the device.
Man 1: Dude, can I play Plants vs. Zombies on your iPad?

Man 2: No way! You'll smudge your greasy fingers on the screen!

Man 1: God, you're such an iPaddict.
by wpk914 July 06, 2010
an awesome hip hop group that emerged onto the scene inn 1981 (ish) when they remixed Aerosmiths rock classic Walk This Way, thus making them popular among african americans, but also white people. Ahhh unity. Anyway, the group released a few more hits then faded off the charts. Then, in 2002, the group's DJ Jam Master Jay was shot and killed. The group disbanded in his honor.
If you know the lyrics to Walk This way (Aerosmith), then you know the lyrics to the Run DMC remix. They're the same, except to one the lyrics are rapped.
by wpk914 April 14, 2010
a trailer for a video game or movie that offers little in plot, chracters, actors (in the case of movies) or gameplay (in the case of video games). teaser trailers are usually released about a year and a half to two years before the final product is released.
The Sly 4 teaser trailer did little more than confirm its existence. Good enough for me.
by wpk914 January 16, 2011
Grand Ma I'd Like to Fuck.
A spin off word from the term MILF (Mom/Mother I'd Like to Fuck).

Although less common, a GMILF often is more exciting than a standard MILF.
Jenna and her mom are okay looking, but it's granny who's REALLY hot. She's such a GMILF.
by wpk914 February 14, 2010

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