another word for blowjob
hey, i wanna give you a tote! :)
by mysterman2000000 March 29, 2011
Preferred way of saying totally by rock photographers.
Q: Are you going to shoot the next REM CD cover?

A: Totes
by Pat-rick July 15, 2008
Slang - (Queens)English for smoke, (toke,) drink and shag endless supplies of women.
Come to central Lisbon so we can tote togther for a night.
by Jack June 22, 2004
a baby way of saying toast. How little kids say "toast"
"I asked for toast but accidentally said 'totes'."
by pshawww December 14, 2008
To agree with a statement.
-Did you agree with what that guy said about your mom?
by Bridget April 04, 2004
Shortened form of totally, for those times when you just can't be bothered saying words longer than one syllable
Dude I'm tote tired I think I'm gonna go to bed
by katiefleetwood August 15, 2006
short for totally, note that not all people can say this word, only the coolest people
Want to go to the mall later?
by MoistTowelette11 March 25, 2006

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