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working excessively hard
look at them slavin away
by avesta June 26, 2010
The intransigent nature of sodomite psychology.

The unwillingness of a person to consider anything
which is not in accord with their raison d'être.
A fuctard can be a person who has buttersnap shitfuckery of the mind
by Avesta May 25, 2010
no hype
Devoid of Ink, she is O.K.
by Avesta June 04, 2010
2B properness is...

"to be, or not to be,"quintessential postmodern expression of positive creativity
he has 2B properness
by avesta August 02, 2010
ruffined is the character of a person that has been refined through brutality, fighting etc.
popeye said he was ruffined
by avesta August 23, 2010
deliverance democracy is a term of reference used to describe
a decision taken in camera by a few, which affects many.
stuffed again ! ... that's deliverance democracy for you.
by avesta January 27, 2012
Someone who is interpersonally evasive with the truth
the old in and out of context is fuckin with you
by avesta January 19, 2012

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