Tony Thinks They Know Everything. Mainly Italian. Big Noses. Stoners. Alcoholics. Shoots Steroids In His penis
Tony Is A Dick
Tony Has A Big Ass Nose And Forhead
by Sracy's mom September 23, 2013
Lame,wack, not popping

Originated in North Carolina

Meaning whatever you did or said is dumbwack
Dre: man I cried when I watched gridiron gang I ain't gone lie

Zeikiel: tonyyyyyy, you hella tony

Dre: haha whatever bruh
by Gfasa July 29, 2013
The Idiot asshole thinks he knows shit about black ops and politics. He once kissed a slut and bragged about it, he also enjoys his weekends having sex with his hooter shirt. He thinks that his friends (not real friends) like him but he is so stupid that they just try to ignore him.
Not Tony 1: Hey Not Tony 2 hows it going?
Not Tony 2: Good
Tony: Hey guys i went 30 and 10 in free for all on Bops. I put it on my file share you should look at it.
Not Tony 2: Tony shut the fuck up none of us even play Bops any more.
An awful move in tennis, where the player attempts to make a winning shot (usually an overhead smash) at the ball and instead gets a racketful of air. Is very humiliating to any tennis player and is almost guaranteed to end their career.
Named after a person of the same name who pulls this shot constantly.
Dude, that one guy just pulled a Tony. I bet he'll never play tennis again.
by SenorKrabs April 17, 2011
One who is sarcastic, an asshole, and a good person. Sometimes this person can be seen as only one of these qualities; A nickname for Anthony; A person who is smart
Person #1: Hey, so I heard your friends with Tony.
Person #2: I consider it to be a frenemy.
Person#1: Why is that?
Person#2: Well he can be a real asshole but, he is loyal to his friends.
by Sprisemf January 30, 2015
Known as Anthony.
Is the biggest fake friend you can ask for and has no one but his parents to fall back on. Spoiled out of his mind and thinks he is the coolest thing ever. Can not get any girls to save his life and has no true friends. A loner and a lier to everyone. Can not save a penny and also is a kid who thinks he is tuff. He is one of the worst people to trust. Stay away from them kids cause they are too fake
Tony is not a good friends.

Backs out of everything you plan.

He has no real friends from being so fake.
by IMthatKID January 15, 2014
An amazing guy. People would practically do anything to be or be with a Tony. He has fairly tan skin, is quite tall, and has a great sense of humor. He seems to philosophize a lot, but that's what makes him so great. He is always willing to listen to your problems and will always help you get through it with you. A Tony is very athletic, smart, funny, and is overall a very satisfying person to be with. Tony seems to love playing video games and hates intense card games. Tony will always be there for you, no mater what. His monotonous features may seem intimidating, but once you get to know him, it will be worth it.
Me: Have you talked to Tony yet?
Friend: No, he seems so monotone. It's weird.
Me: He's super sweet once you get to know him!
Tony: Hey you guys!! *hugs me*
Me: *Melts inside*
Friend: Hi Tony.. What are you doing here?
Tony: Hello! Huh? What? What am I doing here? Where am I?! HOW DID I GET HERE?!
Me: *Giggles*
Friend: Hahah! You're funny! What's your GPA again??
Tony: Four point 4. *smirks*
Me: As a freshman?!
Tony: You betcha!
by just another person on earth September 09, 2013

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