A line of cocaine
Yo bro lets do some Tony's
by Deuces Under April 10, 2014
A nickname for the name Anthony. He is very nice and hardworking. He considers his self as a "fuck up" and doesn't have a good life at home. But he is in love with one girl and won't stop loving her. He is a city boy that loves small town girls. Very poor. Has a very large dick and is a sex god. Loves girls that first names start with a "j". He has to have people pay for him a lot and is very sorry about that. Try's new girls but finds out how much his ex girlfriend is. He does everything to get with the girl that he had his first kiss with.
Girl 1: I still remember the first word he said to me.

Girl 2: did he call you beautiful?

Girl 1: yess!!

Girl: wow he's a tony.
by tony lover December 31, 2013
The most amazing boyfriend ever, even If we break up we will still be friends.
He is the type of guy who will cheer you up when you're sad, and be there when you need him.
He skates, he smokes, he's Tony.
He's perfect.
Have you seen Tony today?
No he's with his girlfriend
by imhotandyourenotok July 30, 2013
Lame,wack, not popping

Originated in North Carolina

Meaning whatever you did or said is dumbwack
Dre: man I cried when I watched gridiron gang I ain't gone lie

Zeikiel: tonyyyyyy, you hella tony

Dre: haha whatever bruh
by Gfasa July 29, 2013
A "tony" is used to refer to a hot chick or a dime piece. Now there are multiple ways to describe tonies, whether it be that she is a "quarter tone" (you ain't sure if it's truly worth it but maybe if you were drunk and she was dressed up) "half a tone" (she's alright) "potential tone" (if she were to dress up then you'd have sex with her) a "capital T" (a 9 or 10) or "certified tony (CT)" (a mother fucking dime piece.) All are used to rate women. Don't like the word? Well use it yourself amongst your friends and colleagues and see what I mean. You'll be able to talk about chicks right in front of their faces without giving away what you all are truly discussing. It's becoming an epidemic, so start using it before women find out what we're ALL talking about.

*If you are a tool, you are not allowed to use this word in any circumstances.
"Hey man what you doing this weekend for the Super Booooowwwlllll....... dayum did you see that tony just walk by?"

"No, but did you see that CT walk out of whitehall? Captial T for sure. Wait what did you ask me?"
by Dude__Man February 02, 2012
Derived from cockney rhyming slang 'Tony Blair', Nightmare.

It refers to when something has gone as bad as it could possibly have done, and is synonomous with the phrase 'epic fail'.

Can be used in a variety of sentences;
'You've had an absolute Tony...'
'Fuck me sideways and call me Tony!'
'Heavens to Tony!'
'Person 1: Dude, i snapped my banjo last night wanking...
The rest of the group: TOOONNYYY!'
'You might as well just be called Tony'
by Johan van der Schmut January 15, 2012
Dumbfuck who treats people like shit and expects love in return. thankfully, what goes around comes around and any "tony" out there that matches this description will probably get his ass kicked and be emotionally tormented by anyone he tries to be with in his life.
Tony Alicea

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