Derived from cockney rhyming slang 'Tony Blair', Nightmare.

It refers to when something has gone as bad as it could possibly have done, and is synonomous with the phrase 'epic fail'.

Can be used in a variety of sentences;
'You've had an absolute Tony...'
'Fuck me sideways and call me Tony!'
'Heavens to Tony!'
'Person 1: Dude, i snapped my banjo last night wanking...
The rest of the group: TOOONNYYY!'
'You might as well just be called Tony'
by Johan van der Schmut January 15, 2012
A slang term for the street drug cocaine. Derived from rapper Tony Yayo
Hey man... where's all the Tony tonite??
by THC420 May 10, 2007
The most amazing boyfriend ever, even If we break up we will still be friends.
He is the type of guy who will cheer you up when you're sad, and be there when you need him.
He skates, he smokes, he's Tony.
He's perfect.
Have you seen Tony today?
No he's with his girlfriend
by imhotandyourenotok July 30, 2013
Lame,wack, not popping

Originated in North Carolina

Meaning whatever you did or said is dumbwack
Dre: man I cried when I watched gridiron gang I ain't gone lie

Zeikiel: tonyyyyyy, you hella tony

Dre: haha whatever bruh
by Gfasa July 29, 2013
The big toe.
Wow! your tony is biggg!

A just stubbed my tony!

I'll give you a tony twister
by Ashaalee May 01, 2010
Known as Anthony.
Is the biggest fake friend you can ask for and has no one but his parents to fall back on. Spoiled out of his mind and thinks he is the coolest thing ever. Can not get any girls to save his life and has no true friends. A loner and a lier to everyone. Can not save a penny and also is a kid who thinks he is tuff. He is one of the worst people to trust. Stay away from them kids cause they are too fake
Tony is not a good friends.

Backs out of everything you plan.

He has no real friends from being so fake.
by IMthatKID January 15, 2014
Can be a man or woman, tony stands for "The Other NYte". Popularized by the Solange Knowles song of the same name.
"tony don't care no more
He doesn't want me there no more
I just want to know what I did wrong
Damn, this would make a real good song."
by Total-cupcake April 29, 2012

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