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Of the penis
Oh no, someone got penile discharge all over the seat
by Dave_roolz October 22, 2003
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When someone has a shiny scalp with no hair, and their head looks like the tip of a penis.
Look at Paul, he's one of the peniles.
by Real defs March 02, 2015
when your pecker gets whacked with a ruler
that form of punishment is rather penile.
by amboj December 28, 2003
1. A penile is your DING DONG penis.
2. The "tra-la-la" of the male variety.
3. The oposite of a "vagai-gai."
Person 1: "Awmg I be jealous of your penile, brah!"
Person 2: "I know, right! It's like... twice the size of my penis!!"
by <33Divine<33 September 24, 2010
Penile means pinoy with a HUGE penis
I saw a penile at the store.
Did you see that penile!
Judging by you penile you are pinoy.
by Jerry Casino November 09, 2007
a delicious sweet of which many people enjoy
Dude i love that penile
by geezxus January 09, 2011
1. someone obsessed with a cock enlargement and exercising his cock muscles

2. when something so gay happens
you are one penile little twat
this fucking copying machine is so penile
by joon August 04, 2003

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