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A big sexy balck man who loves his girl till the end...Most caring person you will ever meet....loves basketball and video games, has a big dick that pleases his girl daily,has fears of heights but thats okay bc sex with him is out of this world...a calm pleasing personality until you piss him off then back the fuck up...his body is sexy and muscular and his lips are so juicy ;) keeps his hair fresh and well takin care of
This shit is so Tony


OH shit thats tony
by tonebabygirl18 July 27, 2011
(n),(pl): Term used for people who are overly spacey, ditzy, or generally flaky. Evolution:
Frosted Flakes->Tony the Tiger->Tonies

singular form: tony
"All our friends totally boned out on us and couldn't come to the movie tonight."
"Dude...the tonies strike again."
by Midnight July 08, 2004
Sweet caring man who has a rockin body and will make love to you until the sun goes down and rises again. He will buy you anything he can in his power and would give you the world if he could. He enjoys video games and picking on his girlfriend. He will love with everything he has and is always faithful and ready to love you.
Tony is loving- in love give you all
by LucylouF December 16, 2012
has a big nose that looks like a chile pepper
See that tony there? Oh you mean the chile pepper?
by Big Chile Dog December 28, 2011
Lame, wack, not cool
Nigga you tony as hell for spending a rack on a belt you can't afford

by RoseBerry July 29, 2013
A Tony is very musically inclined. He loves to sing and play numerous instruments. A Tony is also an amazing friend that brightens everyone's days. A Tony has very hairy forearms and speaks and sings in Spanish when excited.
Tom: "That kid has hairy forearms!"
Betty: "Yes, but he's so cute when he talks in Spanish. He must be a Tony!"
by Laurie Xx July 18, 2013
To make something secure by use of a key or similar
Are you sure the car will be safe here darling ? Yes, it's okay. I've tony'd it
by Alan B'Stard May 11, 2013