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Known as Anthony.
Is the biggest fake friend you can ask for and has no one but his parents to fall back on. Spoiled out of his mind and thinks he is the coolest thing ever. Can not get any girls to save his life and has no true friends. A loner and a lier to everyone. Can not save a penny and also is a kid who thinks he is tuff. He is one of the worst people to trust. Stay away from them kids cause they are too fake
Tony is not a good friends.

Backs out of everything you plan.

He has no real friends from being so fake.
by IMthatKID January 15, 2014
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The most amazing boyfriend ever, even If we break up we will still be friends.
He is the type of guy who will cheer you up when you're sad, and be there when you need him.
He skates, he smokes, he's Tony.
He's perfect.
Have you seen Tony today?
No he's with his girlfriend
by imhotandyourenotok July 30, 2013
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Can be a man or woman, tony stands for "The Other NYte". Popularized by the Solange Knowles song of the same name.
"tony don't care no more
He doesn't want me there no more
I just want to know what I did wrong
Damn, this would make a real good song."
by Total-cupcake April 29, 2012
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An awful move in tennis, where the player attempts to make a winning shot (usually an overhead smash) at the ball and instead gets a racketful of air. Is very humiliating to any tennis player and is almost guaranteed to end their career.
Named after a person of the same name who pulls this shot constantly.
Dude, that one guy just pulled a Tony. I bet he'll never play tennis again.
by SenorKrabs April 17, 2011
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the kid in my economics class, who keeps singing to me during class. he lives right down the road from me, and has asked many a time to go pick blue berries with him. he is new to our school, but seems sweet even though all my friends think he may secretly be an asshole. he is also very cute, with his blonde hair and gorgous blue eyes.
Tony sings "beth i hear you calling and i cant come home right now, me and the boys are playing and we just can find the sound just a few more hours and ill be right home to you, beth i hear you calling oh beth what can i do, beth what can i do"
by elizabeth101893 April 19, 2012
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A gay, motherfucker,that has no friends and no life,who mind rapes children while they sleep, acts like a fucking bastard to anyone tells him where to shove his fucking Pokemon cards. He thinks he sees vampires and werewolves and thinks he's gods given gift to women.Arrogant prick.
See that guy over there he's like tony.
Tony's in our class for his sake I hope I don't kick him in the balls he doesn't have.
by Wednesday69 August 22, 2012
11 15
The Idiot asshole thinks he knows shit about black ops and politics. He once kissed a slut and bragged about it, he also enjoys his weekends having sex with his hooter shirt. He thinks that his friends (not real friends) like him but he is so stupid that they just try to ignore him.
Not Tony 1: Hey Not Tony 2 hows it going?
Not Tony 2: Good
Tony: Hey guys i went 30 and 10 in free for all on Bops. I put it on my file share you should look at it.
Not Tony 2: Tony shut the fuck up none of us even play Bops any more.
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