Slobbery. Likes to lick things. DO NOT touch his blankie! Will power range you in the nuts. Duct tapes all gifts. Video game abuser. Chin talking, strong bad dancing, mustache winning. Wasps and bees are attracted to all boys named Tony. Calls pads tampon patches. Will talk in his sleep. Huge member.
That bee just stung me like my name is Tony!

That food looks so good, my mouth made a tony.
by Smithing Awesome December 18, 2014
A Tony is very musically inclined. He loves to sing and play numerous instruments. A Tony is also an amazing friend that brightens everyone's days. A Tony has very hairy forearms and speaks and sings in Spanish when excited.
Tom: "That kid has hairy forearms!"
Betty: "Yes, but he's so cute when he talks in Spanish. He must be a Tony!"
by Laurie Xx July 18, 2013
the kid in my economics class, who keeps singing to me during class. he lives right down the road from me, and has asked many a time to go pick blue berries with him. he is new to our school, but seems sweet even though all my friends think he may secretly be an asshole. he is also very cute, with his blonde hair and gorgous blue eyes.
Tony sings "beth i hear you calling and i cant come home right now, me and the boys are playing and we just can find the sound just a few more hours and ill be right home to you, beth i hear you calling oh beth what can i do, beth what can i do"
by elizabeth101893 April 19, 2012
Dumbfuck who treats people like shit and expects love in return. thankfully, what goes around comes around and any "tony" out there that matches this description will probably get his ass kicked and be emotionally tormented by anyone he tries to be with in his life.
Tony Alicea
A nickname for the name Anthony. He is very nice and hardworking. He considers his self as a "fuck up" and doesn't have a good life at home. But he is in love with one girl and won't stop loving her. He is a city boy that loves small town girls. Very poor. Has a very large dick and is a sex god. Loves girls that first names start with a "j". He has to have people pay for him a lot and is very sorry about that. Try's new girls but finds out how much his ex girlfriend is. He does everything to get with the girl that he had his first kiss with.
Girl 1: I still remember the first word he said to me.

Girl 2: did he call you beautiful?

Girl 1: yess!!

Girl: wow he's a tony.
by tony lover December 31, 2013
Lame,wack, not popping

Originated in North Carolina

Meaning whatever you did or said is dumbwack
Dre: man I cried when I watched gridiron gang I ain't gone lie

Zeikiel: tonyyyyyy, you hella tony

Dre: haha whatever bruh
by Gfasa July 29, 2013
Derived from cockney rhyming slang 'Tony Blair', Nightmare.

It refers to when something has gone as bad as it could possibly have done, and is synonomous with the phrase 'epic fail'.

Can be used in a variety of sentences;
'You've had an absolute Tony...'
'Fuck me sideways and call me Tony!'
'Heavens to Tony!'
'Person 1: Dude, i snapped my banjo last night wanking...
The rest of the group: TOOONNYYY!'
'You might as well just be called Tony'
by Johan van der Schmut January 15, 2012

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