1. "The Antonio"

2. a name not commonly given to people from the country Laos

3. a feeling of Italian Euphoria

4. a dark skin toned male, slick back black hair, short in stature, large nose and penis, shades, who commonly uses the words, eeeeeeyyyy, fugettaboutit, and Oooooh!!

5. not to be confused with Steven
I took a Viagra last night and had sex for 6 hours straight!! My wife started screaming Oh Tony, Oh Tony!!! I was like, Who the Fuck is Tony?!
by The Antonio July 03, 2010
slang for the popular stimulant drug cocaine
hey want to hit up some tony's tonight
by snayhead December 14, 2006
Sweet caring man who has a rockin body and will make love to you until the sun goes down and rises again. He will buy you anything he can in his power and would give you the world if he could. He enjoys video games and picking on his girlfriend. He will love with everything he has and is always faithful and ready to love you.
Tony is loving- in love give you all
by LucylouF December 16, 2012
A skinny white jew who takes on the form of a faggot during school, He tries to be cool but looks like a hobo, with his hobo shoes and hobo shirt. He often spits in people's faces because he can't control his mouth. Stay away from him, He'll stalk you for his JEW GOLD.
by scfzsfzsf April 19, 2010
A man who is significantly gayer than a maypole at an Elton John garden party.
John: I know that man. He loves the bum sex every Friday night
Sam: Yeh, I know, what a Tony
by AssMecca August 09, 2013
(n),(pl): Term used for people who are overly spacey, ditzy, or generally flaky. Evolution:
Frosted Flakes->Tony the Tiger->Tonies

singular form: tony
"All our friends totally boned out on us and couldn't come to the movie tonight."
"Dude...the tonies strike again."
by Midnight July 08, 2004
An amazing guy. People would practically do anything to be or be with a Tony. He has fairly tan skin, is quite tall, and has a great sense of humor. He seems to philosophize a lot, but that's what makes him so great. He is always willing to listen to your problems and will always help you get through it with you. A Tony is very athletic, smart, funny, and is overall a very satisfying person to be with. Tony seems to love playing video games and hates intense card games. Tony will always be there for you, no mater what. His monotonous features may seem intimidating, but once you get to know him, it will be worth it.
Me: Have you talked to Tony yet?
Friend: No, he seems so monotone. It's weird.
Me: He's super sweet once you get to know him!
Tony: Hey you guys!! *hugs me*
Me: *Melts inside*
Friend: Hi Tony.. What are you doing here?
Tony: Hello! Huh? What? What am I doing here? Where am I?! HOW DID I GET HERE?!
Me: *Giggles*
Friend: Hahah! You're funny! What's your GPA again??
Tony: Four point 4. *smirks*
Me: As a freshman?!
Tony: You betcha!
by just another person on earth September 09, 2013

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