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A condition characterized by obsessive interests and a lack of eye contact.Asperger Syndrome has many facets involving a difficulty in communication and inability to grasp social situations and body language. Sufferers report an interest in minor and trivial details, rather than being able to see the bigger picture. They also find 'small talk' difficult.Sufferers also get absorbed in their own head space and find relationships difficult. They also have a tendency to take words and phrases literally, e.g. If someone with Asperger's saw a sign in a telephone bill paying shop stating "cash point" the AS suffer would assume cash point meant an ATM cash machine and would go to draw money out of it.AS sufferers tend to prefer the company of pets and animals and shun the limelight.They can also have temper tantrums and indulge in activities called stimming which is hand flapping or other none verbal gestures such as finger flicking - sufferers of Asperger Syndrome do this when under stress or pressure.Asperger syndrome is a big subject and their are countless different personality types and subcategories of illness/condition.Sufferers are often referred to as eccentric or weird. Everyone with Asperger Syndrome is different.Asperger Syndrome is a form of Autism.
Autism and Asperger's Syndrome and Psychotherapy: Understanding Asperger Perspectives
by Paula Jacobsen - Psychology - 2003 - 171 pages
by Timothy Roberts February 18, 2006
A developmental disorder, NOT a mental disease/illness.
Some people have autism.
by Wills0 July 01, 2009
Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder. It's characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behaviour.

If you use it as an insult, I will hunt you down and murder you (no, not literally).
Aaron scoffed. "Look at her, she clearly has autism." Hannah slapped him in the face.

"Autism isn't an insult." Quinn protested.
by Nicole+ May 02, 2015
A mental disorder or personality disorder (depending on who you ask), that causes social and sensory problems for the person, and sometimes mental ones as well. Can come with advantages, depending--again--on whom you ask.

Scientists of the Internet agree that there are three types of Autism:

1.) Rain Man Autism: When the person is seriously mentally handicapped, but may have some savant talents.

2.) The Sherlock Holmes Autism: What your Autistic friend from school or work has. Super smart in some ways, super socially awkward in some ways, and super awesome in every way.

3.) Wannabe Autistics: Also known as "self-diagnosers," these are the schmucks who read about Autism online and decided they had it, without getting any professional opinions. For more information on this, see Special Snowflake Syndrome.
"My first boyfriend was had Autism. Not the Rain Man kind, but the Sherlock Holmes kind."
by Sally Shears December 06, 2014
A broad range of complex neurodevelopmental disabilities marked by such symptoms as severe deficits in social interaction and communication, restricted and strong interests and inflexibility (love of routine).
Most people think Rainman when they think autism.
by Doc_B April 14, 2015
A condition no one actually understands.
People treat people with autism like shit and get away with it.
by PrincessCandle May 21, 2016
1. A disability known for causing obsessive behaviours, delayed social development and in some cases learning difficulties. 2. Used as an insult for anything bad by morons.
1. Around 0.9% of the world population has autism.
2. Ugh, so autistic.
by bpb12 May 14, 2016
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