1. Money paid to the government for the privilege to live in that state or administrative distribution. Typically, taxes are a portion of one's income which approaches 100% as one's income increases; however, the rich often find ways to cheat on their taxes. There are different types of taxes, as well, depending on how one makes and spends money. Many neoliberals claim taxes are immoral, even though the Bible itself requires a tithe of a flat 10% and a poll tax of one half-sheqel; I'd like to see these people live starting out with a debt ten times what they currently make and not be allowed to earn income.
2. To test.
1. "Most people don't like paying taxes."
2. "This is really taxing my patience."
by Xyzzy February 05, 2005
The legal form of stealing.
How come if I steal its called robbery and if the federal government steals its called "taxes."
by toxic720 June 11, 2011
Every year you gotta take it up the butt from your government and pay them to do their job. <_<
Government: *takes money*
Government: It's called taxes bitch!
by superawesomedragon April 15, 2009
To take a handling fee when hustling.
"Tom wanted me to bring him an Ounce, so I taxed him $5".

"Last night around 12 nick called and wanted a 8ball so I taxed him a line".
by ol 80 April 24, 2007
1) The money removed from citizens paychecks to pay the government. They are a pain in the butt.

2) A mixture of tag and axe. Guys that wear tax must smell really bad, are stupid enough to think that either tag or axe will work. They do not smell good, at all. Do not believe those commercials on tv.
Person 1: You better pay your taxes soon...the deadline is tomorrow.
Person 2: I know, I know! Stop Rushing me! OMG tomorrow!?! Aaaaah!
Nicolette: Eww. Someone smells weird *turns around*
Ryan: What!? I'm wearing tag and axe.
Elaine: Ew gross, you're wearing tax.
by Mistycloudx101 June 13, 2008
To just have sex. No tax daddy . no taxalicious... just TAX. Kinda like the IRS jacking people.You really have no-say in the matter it just happens!
(Present tense) When we gonna tax? (Past tense) I taxed last night.
by Sir Lopez May 31, 2005
the fee required to allow a new girl to hang out with your crew, also know as rail, smash, plow, tear out, dig up, beat up, work out or screw.
bro #1- hey whos that new bitch your girl brought over?

bro #2- bro! thats jessica im gunna tax that bitch tonight, then shes free game

bro #1- hell yeah son !!! tear that bitch out!
by chucky_chuck_dontgiveafuck February 04, 2010
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