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To raise the cost of something way over the price.
They are taxing for the beers at the Marlin's game.
by Wutsdaplan July 31, 2008
48 13
Tiring, knackering.
"Ugh this hill is taxing"
by The Master E September 09, 2007
29 23
The act of beating out somebody that was hating on you and taking everything they have on their person including money and any narcotics.
I taxed that guy for disrespecting me.

He can't talk right now, he's taxing a hater.
by kn0w1ng January 11, 2014
1 0
The act of charging someone at the door of the nightclub or stripclub to get in because they are either: breaking dress code, skipping the line, or underage. Also known as "Paying The Toll"
I made over $100 taxing people at the door tonight
by GoliathIsLove September 16, 2010
11 11
an urge or substitute for a jones.
I'm really taxing for a beer right now.
by the rickster June 10, 2003
4 35