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When you have poo-poo breeze, you need to apply smell good on in order to be; werd. Comes in a can.

Also works against funky flem, and old dirty fubu-wear.
Yo Jimmy I got a funky case of the poo-poo breeze going on, pass me the smell good.
by They call me--M to the E March 29, 2005
29 8
Good Smellin Cologne
Yo Ehren pass me da smell good.What's dat?Da cologne. Oh Fosho C.
by CJay Lister December 29, 2007
14 1
Smell goods consist of anything used to cover up the odor of marijuana. Body sprays, colognes/perfumes, air fresheners, etc. are all "smell goods".
"We probably reek like reefer since we just hot boxed the car"
"Its all good, I brought some smell goods."
by I-B-Whirly March 03, 2008
12 3
(N) : Cologne, what guys wear to in fact, "smell good".
I need to put on some smell goods to impress the ladies.
by spmack June 22, 2005
11 2
Cologne or perfume (Created by Brianna Brumfield of Orlando, Florida)
Before I went to the club, I had to put on some smell good.
by Curtis Meyer March 13, 2008
6 1
yo dawg when shiat smells bad, yo arse needs to SMELL GOOD. Comes in a can.
When you get a bad case of da poo-poo breeze you need to spray yourself down with some Smell Good.
Yo Jimmy I got some funky poo-poo breeze going on, pass me da smell good.
by Ut uh March 29, 2005
9 11