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Giving money you don't have to people you don't know for a program you don't believe in.
It's income tax time again. whoo. </sarc>
by timm December 03, 2003
the state of being extremely intoxicated by a substance known as cannabis


the final stage in the many stages of high.
"dude, he is tim'd." - darsh
"tim is SO tim'd." - drew
by timm October 02, 2007
an excessively used term by the teens in mississauga describing something as "cool" or a shorter form of saying "understood" but in that hip, cool, and trendy gansta way.

also used as an expression (by the idiots in mississauga) of surprise and unexpectancy.
tim: "yooo check out my new tim's!"
sam: "YO! thats SEEN."


ian: "yo go play risk in my basement later, seen?"
david: "seeeeeeeeen."


*kristina spikes the ball and scores the winning point in the volleyball game against woodland*
tim: SEEEN! *jaw drops*
by timm February 05, 2005

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