A form of stealing made to sound good by the fact that a "majority" voted.
Paul didn't want to give up any more of his hard earned money but since Peter belonged to the majority he was able to get taxes raised.
by Think October 12, 2004
Tax means steal / nick
it originated from
"the tax man"
after all he is the biggest thief of them all

The word came about because the goverment make most of the population live in poverty and take all there money leaving most people barely enough to survive on,
some decide to become criminals rather than live in poverty because they cant afford things due to tax causing high prices. All the goverment do for us is think of new taxes to bum from the people as a result people hate the goverment and taxes because they have to live in poverty and the goverment is seen as a thief so the word tax mostly replaced the words steal, nick, rob, thive, because everyone knows the tax man is a robbing bastid who only thinks of his own kind and what the fat cats can get, to them we are nothing more than worker ants

im going to tax that guys cash back in a sec

where'd you get that from
"oh i just taxed it from some old lady"
by cubs November 14, 2005
To steal or take something.
A: Where did my pen go?
B: Ha! I taxed it!

C: I'm so going to tax those jeans from that (insert expensive store name here).
by dictionary-ness February 13, 2008
What makes you go from being rich to poor
who doesn't hate paying those fucking things?
by lunar shadows December 24, 2004
The things that pay for your water, police force, fire department, roads, sidewalks, your electricity lines, your phone lines, the techies that developed the internet, the techies that developed modern computer technology, nuclear power plants, the techies that invented the nuclear power plants, the military, the people who clean up your water so you won't die from drinking it, the development of the various vaccines that you take so you don't die, and a bunch of other things you would never be able to afford yourself, or would be able to expect other people to buy for you.
Random dude: Dude, Ron Paul will totally remove taxation, like, dude!
Me: But if he did that, I would be able to hunt you down and kidnap you without any police interference because you're really a penniless hipster who only has protection because other people's taxes paid for it. How do you like those taxes now?
by Daedalus_Prime January 22, 2008
The word "tax" is a Lower Northeast Philadelphia (Roosevelt) slang word that means the following.
1. To engage in sexual intercourse, the act of fornicating.

2. To have a strong liking for something, someone or anything. A ringing endorsement.
Yo, I taxed that party last night.=That party was a great time.
Yo, I taxed that jawn last night.=You either had sex with a woman (jawn), or you really enjoyed something you did last night (jawn)
I tax Johnny.= Johnny is cool as shit.
I tax Veronica.=I have sex with a girl named Veronica.
I taxed that cheesesteak.=That was a good ass cheesesteak
by Worm123 July 04, 2011
1. Money paid to the government for the privilege to live in that state or administrative distribution. Typically, taxes are a portion of one's income which approaches 100% as one's income increases; however, the rich often find ways to cheat on their taxes. There are different types of taxes, as well, depending on how one makes and spends money. Many neoliberals claim taxes are immoral, even though the Bible itself requires a tithe of a flat 10% and a poll tax of one half-sheqel; I'd like to see these people live starting out with a debt ten times what they currently make and not be allowed to earn income.
2. To test.
1. "Most people don't like paying taxes."
2. "This is really taxing my patience."
by Xyzzy February 05, 2005

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