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Official: "Transportation Security Agency"

Reality: "Thousands Standing Around" or "Take your Shoes off Asshole".

A bunch of self-righteous, uneducated idiots who got promoted and pay raises for failing America on 9/11.

They've basically gone from working the frier to being the McDonalds managers.

They allow anyone wearing a turban to pass through for fear of offending them while administering anal probes to flight crew who are (now, pay attention) ALREADY IN THE COCKPIT.
TSA is the best thing to ever happen to Al Queda.
by Baaweet October 17, 2003
Thousands Standing Around. That Stupid American, or I guess, the Transportation Security Adminstration. Another failure of the Bush Administration created after 9-1-1 to allegedly make air travel safer. It is run by uneducated, politically-correct idiots with inflated egos in white shirts who give travelers a hard time, and search crewmembers, grandma and handicapped people to see if they have a weapon but nonchalantly allows Johnny Muhammad Terrorist in line to walk through security without a second thought. The TSA agents at the airports have big egos just because they are Federal Employees, but have few real job skills and should be working at McDonalds taking my order. I have much more respect for those people any day.
I hate the TSA. It is another failure of the Bush Administration and the epitome of political correctness.
by krock1dk May 17, 2008
To molest sexually.
On her way home, she was accosted and TSAd by a group of young drunkards who proceeded to grope her and ask her to show them her naked body.
by kronn November 17, 2010
Thousands Standing Around. Airport security. All they do is stand around, thus the name.
Dude! The TSA suck! All they do is stand there.
by Alumni December 18, 2005
Trained sexual assaulters
The line for TSA took over two hours along before it was my turn
by Buck ofama123 November 21, 2010
To aggressively molest or fondle.

The result of security at American airports becoming so extreme that you now have to either be seen naked or be felt up head-to-toe by a stranger if you want to get on a plane.
We had a few drinks, went back to my place, and I TSAed her all night.
by Ghostface Cracker November 11, 2010
Tremedously Stupid Americans.

A government organization mde to annoy the hell out of little grandmothers traveling with their childred and grandchildren, while not actually doing anything worth while.

Also known for their search methods, which include sticking a slip of paper on top of your checked luggage.
"The TSA searched my bag again. But nothing seems to have been moved, despite my messy packing. They must be GREAT at this!"
by Not a terrorist, I swear! April 16, 2006
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