Terrorist Support Association - the people who are supposed to be protecting the country but are helping terrorists destroy civil liberties.
I was gate raped by a sleeper cell of the TSA when I went through the security theater at the airport.
by liberty_lover November 19, 2010
An abbreviation for the Toilet Seat Assassin. Someone whose ass is so large that he/she throws the toilet seat out of alignment as they attempt to grab the toilet paper. This pheonomonen has been confirmed and documented in at least one lavatory in Syosset, NY. You cannot stop the TSA, only hope to befriend and contain him.
Damn, that ass was so big she sat on my toilet and broke the shit, The TsA has struck again.

by Barfield August 28, 2007
Total Sexual Assault
Sally: Hey how'd your date with that airport security guy go?
Brittany: After dinner he tried to TSA me, so I bear maced the shit out of him and left him crying in the fetal position on the curb.
by joeTaco November 21, 2010
Trained Sexual Assault

Mission: TSA protects the Nation's transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce, while conducting psychological testing on travelers.

Vision: TSA continuously sets the standard for excellence in transportation security through its people, processes, and technology and envisions a time in America's future when customers entering the Stop 'n' Rob will be patted down by the illegal alien at the counter.
"I'm tired of masturbating; I'm gonna go to the airport an get me a TSA"

"Should I be worried that my boyfriend enjoyed being gate raped with a TSA?"

Heard from a TSA conversation, "they used to not take off their shoes; just how far will they let us go? Maybe we CAN implement the 'strip-n-spread'!"
by justthinkin' November 28, 2010
1. The act of stepping over a line. (i.e. to touch inappropriately and/or make someone uncomfortable.)

2. Unsolicited physical advances of a romantic/sexual intention. (i.e. to place ones hand on a thigh,shoulder, or breast)

3. To give an order that debases another person and/or give an order that ignores ones rights (molesting someone because they want to get to grandma's faster than a car could get them there)
-also refer to:TSA virgin.
-Also refer to TSA whore
(molesting someone because they want to get to grandma's faster than a car could get them there to avoid the TSA)
by That's Mr Pistole to you! November 27, 2010
sexual foreplay, as evidenced by the enforced pat-down security measures at airports
you gonna t.s.a. me tonight?
by virtuoblackhound November 23, 2010
Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences. A charter school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is a wonderful school. It attracts a more individual, artsy crowd. People that go there tend to be accepting and are not part of any cliques. It's the best school in Tulsa. Probably ever.
Guy: Where do you go to school?
Girl: TSAS
Guy: That's cool. You must be a really smart, amazing person.
Girl: Yeah, that's true.
by Championnedelavie! October 26, 2010

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