Touchin & Squeezing your Ass
I hate the TSA. It's a rape trap.
by mysterymanxcvbn March 10, 2011
this sucks ass
Person 1: Wow, I have to go to work in ten minutes.
Person 2: Lame!
Perosn 1: I know, tsa!
by d-swizzzle October 19, 2011
Twinkie Seperation Anxiety

Common among those of us carrying quite a bit of extra poundage around the waist (not that they have a waist) - and the rest of your motherfucken bodies - , Twinkie Seperation Anxiety , or TSA , is a medical disease and should be treated as such. This is where Fat - Fat - Fatties go into shock when they ares seperated from their damn twinkies. Common indicators of such syndrome include; sweating, vomiting (followed by the eating and indegestion of said vomit in a desperate attempt to keep Twinkies within the system), crying, pathetic snivelling , etc. Sufferers of this disease will take rash measures to get thier fix. This may include robbery, murder , and cannabalism. Fat People suck. Be warry of their fat asses.
Fat people need their goddamn twinkies before they develope TSA.
by Kirkland (thats right Kirk) December 12, 2010
Taking Shit from Assholes
The TSA checkpoint guard stood there with a ziplock baggie Taking Shit from Assholes.

Lets face it, the guys and gals in uniform aren't the enemy here. It is our elected officials and administrators making up all the stupid crap. Take it easy on the checkpoint goons, they just need a paycheck like the rest of us. Exercise your right to vote.
by BmooseB March 31, 2011
I was at the nightclub and saw a TSA Convention.
I got some TSA last night.
by Ben Hawkins September 07, 2007
The Silent Assassin, a famous video game player who keeps on breaking records in various Zelda games.
"Hey, did you hear? TSA just broke the record for Link's Awakening!"
by Beefcube April 04, 2005
An abbreviated code for Trade Show Action. It refers to an illicit one night stand at a trade show.
She's looking for some TSA. I'll be a good guy and go help her with that.
by White Knight January 06, 2006

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