"TP" is the acronym for a Transgender Person, or a person who has had a sexual reassignment surgery. A man changing to a woman or a woman changing to a man, would be a "TP."
Chastity Bono had surgery to become a "male" and is now known as Chaz Bono. Chaz is a "TP," or Transgender Person.
by Whistle Berries September 04, 2011
to take toilet paper and put it on people's houses, car, lawn ornaments...etc.
"Hey guys, let's going TPing"
by northfacegirl14 April 22, 2009
(abbreviation) Temporarily Peace.
I'm gunna T.P. to the garage to smoke this fat doob.

a.Im bored as fuck, I hate not having weed.
b.Yeah...Well I'm gunna have to T.P., until you find some more greenery.
by Paul Condencino January 20, 2007
a smokeable substance that calms you down, and is an amazing stress reliever. it is very big in high schools
idiot 1: yoo 4 hours of godamn homework

idiot 2: fuck that shit, smoke some TP, and stop vein' a hussy ass bitch
by weeedandspeed September 11, 2011
An acronym that stands for 'Tiny Penis'
"Omg, Brandon has a TP!!"
by Pea Bottom October 26, 2009
A TP is a skeletal creature, which smells of coffee, fags and wee.
It resembles Gollum from Lord Of The Rings and lurks in light environments such as offices.
It has an extremely sarcastic sense of humour and has a heart made of cold stone.

No one actually knows what the abbreviation 'TP' stands for but it has been said it could stand for. Total Prat, Tiny Penis, Telephone Pole (due to it's thin appearance)
Crofts: By gosh. The TP just walked past and I got a whiff of Benson & hedges mixed with Gold Blend and 8-day-old urine.

Bates: Huuuuughhhh, yeah, he stinks. I could smell it earlier but I thought it was just JJ's teeth and I couldn't see TP anywhere in the office. Huuuuughhhh.

Crofts: Oh, it's probably because he's sitting next to the coat hanger, over there.

Bates: Huuuuuughhhh. Oh yeah. If he's sarcastic to me one more time, I swear I'm gonna Fu*k him right up, you understand? I said you understand huuuuuuughhhh.
by dicktionary79 November 12, 2010
T.P Stands for teachers pet. Somone who sucks up to teachers in any way possible.
John is always giving the teacher apples.

What a T.P
by me no wait Jesus November 13, 2007

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