What cornholio needs for his bunghole
by jobflobadobyob February 09, 2011
TP when used on most forums usually stands for "Top Poster" Top posters are anyone that has been on the forums for a long time, and have nothing better to do with their life. They sit around all day posting new mindless threads, acting like they are all good friends with other TP's just to become more popular. If anyone else posts on their threads, they do nothing, but talk shit on them, with out even caring what they've said. TP's only like TP's, and nobody else. They then sit at home and do nothing, but worry about stupid HS shit, and waste their life by trying to see who is the hottest top poster, or asking what top poster has fucked what top poster. TP's are usually really big on the site
You shouldn't post on any threads the TP's are a bunch of trolls & grammer natzis!!

Hey, I post on the forums, those people are my friends.

Do you even know any of those people in real life?

No, but they totally think I'm the hottest TP on plurlife, I would fuck all of them for voting for me.
by yourfavoritetp September 19, 2010
Tinny Penis Syndrome: A male that obsessively brags about having a large member and his sexual conquests in reality is unable to satisfy the opposite sex and propagate the species.
Every time that me and my boyfriend fight he brings up that he has a large member so there isn't a problem, he can javel a javelin from ten feet away so he can fix it, or well my car is better than your car when non of it has to do with our conversation. Later I proceeded to tell my counselor and she explained T.P.S.
by SWIGS MONSTER September 01, 2013
Telepathic Powers. to share the same thoughts with someone. or like jinx. instead of jinx say "TP"
TIM: "Taco"
Ilan: "Taco"
Both: "T.P"
by Double L Lover May 22, 2011
While T.P. normally stands for toilet paper, it can also be used for grown ups, specifically men, to describe their time in the bathroom. T. P. stands for TOILET PENIS or TESTICAL POO, which is when a man goes to take a dump, he sits down, and penis touches the toilet water or worse, poop.
Guy 1: Dude I got T. P.'d in the bathroom
Guy 2: Aww, man that sucks!
by TheGirlThatFellTooFast April 09, 2015
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