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17 definitions by TheGoyWonder

Meaning: female who is a real pain and annoyance, like a punch to the female breast.

Usage: Like a juvenile form of “Bitch”, Boobpunch is used in petty arguments between women.

Tammy: Let’s cut class and go to The Mall
Tina: ohhhh, I dunno…
Tammy: Don’t be a boobpunch, Tina.
by TheGoyWonder January 22, 2013
A mysterious powerful figure, like the Wizard of Oz but a person very fancy, elegant, and controlling.

Usually used to mock somebody who is too big for their britches or otherwise pretentious.
You just think you're the Great Gatsby, don't you?

Who is the Great Gatsby anyways?
by TheGoyWonder April 19, 2013
Where all the dregs of Charleston get shoved up off the peninsula into. A haven for the lower-lower-middle class and lower class, complete with all the strip-mall trappings of Suburban Hell and the redneck charm of Small-Town America.

Disproportionate number of vagabonds, drifters, and armed criminals, with the balance of the population Walmart-People.
Hilariously, highfalutin Charlestonians must venture into sleazy North Charleston for their bigbox retail procurement. Surely they feel unclean afterwards.
by TheGoyWonder June 15, 2013
The ultimate in men's fashion
I gotta get dressed to the max for this party.
White tie?
No, one better: White Tee.
by TheGoyWonder May 15, 2013
NOT a sexual thing

1. A boring event
2. The sensation of nearly falling asleep
Let’s have a mother-daugher night.

Sounds like a real snorgasm
by TheGoyWonder January 22, 2013
When a guy sticks a dildo up his ass to cum harder.

Unlike the typical female, the typical male does not have dozens of dildos on hand, so he usually uses a large carrot.
Harry coated her entire face and chest using the Carrot of Power.
by TheGoyWonder November 12, 2013
Colloquial expression for a dance. Participants practice the dance disciplines of Booty (ie wop) and Break (ie flintstone flop)
Kool Herc is DJing at Danceteria, it's going to be an old fashioned wop n' flop.
by TheGoyWonder January 21, 2013