Finnish insult that rufly translates to "Teenage Pussy", used mostly to call 13-16 year old girls as TP's.
by Davey DDnon. May 26, 2003
A girl that is spectacularly and extraordinarily 'whoreish.' She has no self respect and will let anything with a dick inside any of her holes. The only way a TP will turn a dude down is if she is already doing enough guys that there are currently no holes left open and no hands left free on her body. Has been known to mate up to 50 times a day. See also "Swamp Tiger."
Holy shit you got with that chick last night?!?
Yeah man, such a TP!
by Big Bad Brabinsonnnnnn October 26, 2008

Someone who has just come from pakistan to europe and still acts like he's from pakistan. Alsoifhe attempts to talk english.
Abdul - "Hallo, vat arr yuw dawing?".

Sam - "Fuck off you TP".
by BeefyG February 09, 2008
When jeans that are frayed at the bottom collect and carry wet or frozen material off the ground.
Tim Mosley has this recurring problem with his jeans because they are frequently too long for him. In the summer the bottoms of his jeans are wet, and in the winter frozen balls of snow collect in the fringe. "Look he has T.P.!!!"
by Nancy Lee May 13, 2004
tongue penetration - pretty much means eating out. As in licking a chick's vagina to give her pleasure.

Guy " Dude can i t.p. you?"

Girl "What's that?"

Guy " You know tongue penetration."

Girl " Ahh hell no!!!!" * slaps guy*
by Savilicous December 19, 2006
Tight pussy; cool; something extrememly good
"Your new car is hella TP"
by chucklebrainz December 09, 2006
means tiny penis (usually less than 4 inches), also refers to any one who goes to the high school Torrey Pines
Chick 1: Im gonna go ask Frank out.
Chick 2: Nah u shouldnt, I heard he has a TP.
by B--rice May 04, 2008

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