While T.P. normally stands for toilet paper, it can also be used for grown ups, specifically men, to describe their time in the bathroom. T. P. stands for TOILET PENIS or TESTICAL POO, which is when a man goes to take a dump, he sits down, and penis touches the toilet water or worse, poop.
Guy 1: Dude I got T. P.'d in the bathroom
Guy 2: Aww, man that sucks!
by TheGirlThatFellTooFast April 09, 2015
Titty pics
John: "dude I've been snapping this chick for weeks now, still no t.p."
Jason: "damn bro, move on."
by Tellitlikeit_is December 01, 2014
Tit Pic sent in texting/sexting. A picture of the female party's breasts unceremoniously taken with a mobile phone, to be viewed on the male party's mobile phone.
BigDaddy69: Hey baby hey baby hey, any chance you can send a tit pic?
HoneyBunz69: idk lol
----later that evening-------
BigDaddy69: 'Nite babe. Dont forget- TP
----next day, in real life-----
hey guys, I was sexting with this slut last nite, look at this TP!
by TheGoyWonder May 04, 2013
a tp is when you are a teachers pet and people say tp tp tp tp and continuous and hang around with teachers
eg nathan your a tp
by doddle1966 September 12, 2011
When a heterosexual male offers to preform fellatio on another heterosexual male in exchange for currency. Note; the necessity for this act is Not motivated by addiction.
Michael offered to give jon a T.P. for 900 dollars.
by jonathan swift420 April 23, 2010
A form of vandalism where the vandals put toilet paper all over the victim's house.
I TPed my bitch science teacher's house last night. I also put my dog's crap in her mailbox and egged the door and windows.
by Ftkdb Rdyro July 05, 2003
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