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When a heterosexual male offers to preform fellatio on another heterosexual male in exchange for currency. Note; the necessity for this act is Not motivated by addiction.
Michael offered to give jon a T.P. for 900 dollars.
by jonathan swift420 April 23, 2010
Trevor Power; also known as Trevor Force. This is the power of the enigmatic hero, Trevor-Prime, and source of his power. Trevor-Prime was destroyed, and his T.P. was lost. A cloning process has begun to recreate Trevor-Prime. See also: Trevor.
by Mimir September 23, 2003
A short term used for Town Portal in diablo 2
give me a tp
by Shadow_Lord July 24, 2003
A form of vandalism where the vandals put toilet paper all over the victim's house.
I TPed my bitch science teacher's house last night. I also put my dog's crap in her mailbox and egged the door and windows.
by Ftkdb Rdyro July 05, 2003
Tit Pic sent in texting/sexting. A picture of the female party's breasts unceremoniously taken with a mobile phone, to be viewed on the male party's mobile phone.
BigDaddy69: Hey baby hey baby hey, any chance you can send a tit pic?
HoneyBunz69: idk lol
----later that evening-------
BigDaddy69: 'Nite babe. Dont forget- TP
----next day, in real life-----
hey guys, I was sexting with this slut last nite, look at this TP!
by TheGoyWonder May 04, 2013
Toilet paper
I just took a massive dump and I'm all out of tp.
(Don't lie we've all been there)
by Emperor96 April 28, 2013
A total prostitute. Not your average prostitute, she is the complete package so watch out.
Daisy: Hey Kyle, I heard your sister is a prostitute.
Kyle: Yeah, but she's not just any prostitute...Shes a TP!
by SmartieBroski December 18, 2011