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adj. a person who is not gay, a lesbian, or a bisexual
a human who only likes the opposite sex
ciara: hey jlo do u want to go out
jlo: no das ok i am straight all the way
by omarion's future wife March 07, 2006
pre rolled cigarettes you buy in packets as apposed to ones you roll yourself
You got a straight by any chance?
by street_spirit February 12, 2005
another word for cigarettes
wanna give me some straights?
by kilby November 18, 2006
A set of five cards in poker that make up consecutive numbers without starting back at the beginning (Aces can count as either 1 above king or 1 below 2)
3,4,5,6,7 is a straight, but Q,K,A,2,3 is not a straight.
by DapperDanMan March 04, 2005

In men seeking men personals websites, pertaining to a male who does not identify with any gay or bi subculture as his own sexual orientation but still engages in sexual acts with other men and finds them erotic. It's a paradox of what he believes himself, what he thinks others perceive of him, and what he thinks his audience wants. He may or may not believe he is heterosexual depending on his psychosexual and psychosocial development.

This can be seen on craigslist personals and Manhunt among other websites.
SWM seeking straight guy for fun tonight at my place.

Straight guy looking to play around with other guys.
by Bald@21 October 09, 2009
absolutely positively NOT gay
Elton John is NOT, I repeat, not STRAIGHT
by Rebecca_ March 16, 2007
1.) A term used in place of "sick, ill, beast, cool, amazing," or any term of that nature.

2.) Being in a sober state.

3.) Not participating in activities that are criminal, or activities such as smoking, drinking, or unprotected sex.

4.) Heterosexual or prefering only the opposite sex.
1.) -Did you see the Dolphins win last night?
-Yeah, that was damn straight.

2.) -Is he drunk?
-No, I'm pretty sure he's straight.

3.) -Does Brittany Spears smoke anymore?
-Nah, she went to rehab and got straight.
-That's bull.

4.) -Do you think Pete Wentz is really gay?
-Well he definately doesn't act straight...
by CasseyNoh Reno November 16, 2010