Meaning something is "okay" or "cool".
Naw man thats straight.
by S-Bizzle Fo Shizzle October 09, 2005
a breeder
by mucho man June 04, 2003
All set, good to go, pearl
You okay man? You got hit kinda hard there.
Yeah, i'm straight
by Studtaco March 26, 2003
a heterosexual person
i dont mind breeders as long as they dont act straight in front of me!
by LLKO June 04, 2003
To NOT be under the effects of drugs.
Whats it like?
by Diego November 21, 2003
pre rolled cigarettes you buy in packets as apposed to ones you roll yourself
You got a straight by any chance?
by street_spirit February 12, 2005
The term straight really is used for users/sellers of drugs. If the drug dealer is "straight" he has the product the client is looking for.
Ay, mike u straight?
Yeah cuz what u need?
by kalil March 04, 2005

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