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In men seeking men personals websites, pertaining to a male who does not identify with any gay or bi subculture as his own sexual orientation but still engages in sexual acts with other men and finds them erotic. It's a paradox of what he believes himself, what he thinks others perceive of him, and what he thinks his audience wants. He may or may not believe he is heterosexual depending on his psychosexual and psychosocial development.

This can be seen on craigslist personals and Manhunt among other websites.
SWM seeking straight guy for fun tonight at my place.

Straight guy looking to play around with other guys.
by Bald@21 October 09, 2009
It's what happens when your lover/hookup sucks on your tongue so hard you feel it get numb in his/her mouth. It leaves purple bruise spots afterwards.
Jack is a horrible kisser. When we were making out, I stuck my tongue in his mouth. He sucked it so hard I couldn't get it back in mine before it went numb. It was painful and turned me off. A little gentle sucking is fine, but not THAT much! Don't sign me up for a tongue hickie in the future.
by Bald@21 July 09, 2011
Something that gets you off that is not possible with your natural parts.
I enjoy watching straight porn as a gay guy because I think having a clitoris and pussy would feel great while getting pounded by a straight man's cock due to how much easier it is to have sex as a woman compared to a gay bottom.
--I will never have a clitoris or pussy and will never have a straight man's cock, by definition, and I do not intend to ever identify as a female or undergo gender reassignment surgery as transgender. I am completely gay, masculine, and just get off from imagining having a pussy being sexed by straight man cock. Since none of this is possible for me, it is magical sexuality.
by Bald@21 September 08, 2012

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