SWMS, or Scared White Man Syndrome, affects close to 80,000,000 middle-class, anglo-American men, and smaller populations of minorities who share the same cultural identity and SES. It is characterized by an irrational obsession with home security and the safety of personal items, in addition to common symptoms of anxiety in the presence of a lower-class individuals.
Common signs that a man has SWMS: concealed carry permits, advanced home security systems, locking the car doors when driving through lower class neighborhoods, etc.
by legophile November 28, 2010
Sexy White Man
When creating my POF profile, I like to use the term "SWM" to let the ladies know I'm a Sexy White Man.
by PNPinDallas November 01, 2015
The worst middle school ever! Located In Florida
*Person 1* Hey what do you think of S.W.M.S?

*Person 2* IT SUCKS ASS!
by ~Emi~Yagami~ March 18, 2009
short-term, ghetto saying for 'skankers watch me'
oftenly used before a skank has begun, to inform fellow skankers that you are about to start skanking.

search: skanking
skanking don #1: 'swm!'
skanking don #2: 'yes bruuuv, bust a snake!'
by partyallnight1234 October 06, 2010
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