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a glass tube used for smoking crack
"No you can't push my straight!!"
"I burnt my lip on my straight"
"Let me hit your straight,straight nigger"
by yaheardsound December 30, 2009
9 8
1. An Insult. Meaning boring, expected and dull.
- I can't believe that movie. It was so straight.
- Yeah, who would watch that crap.
by mr_mahn July 25, 2009
7 6
A markedly unhip, mainstream, square individual. The kind of person who does what they're told, instead of what they WANT.
"That girl is so fucking straight, dude, it's awful."

"Naw. She looks straight but she's actually hella hardcore."
by Danny Delinquent March 22, 2004
27 26
To maintain level headed-ness by consuming vodka-red bull and a hit of reefer.
Yo man, before I came out tonight I wasn't feeling it, but after some "V and Bull" and some chronic, I'm straight!
by jdawg5900 March 07, 2014
0 0
Not Harry Styles
Girl 1: #H3nd4ll4lyfe
Girl 2: Harry styles is not straight
by NXRRYSWEG December 30, 2013
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a cigerette, not a roll up.
*nig takes out his fags*
Jack: oi nig, giz us a straight.
nig: naaah bruv,not waisting my snout on you.
Jack: dont be out give me a blem
nig: Na but you have saves
by Nicole Goodman October 20, 2013
0 0
To be ok or done.
Dave. Hey wanna hit this joint
Nate. Nah man I am straight
by Kronotopic November 12, 2011
1 1