Goes even beyong the term "Asmo". Besides goats this species goes for sheep too. And dogs, if he has too.
To "sprinkler" someone.
by Asmo June 30, 2003
6 mexicans, 1 asian, and 5 black people.
what do you call 6 mexicans, 1 asian, and 5 black people?
i dont know, what?
A Sprinkler!
it goes spick-spick-spick-spick-spick-spick chink niggah-niggah-niggah-niggah-niggah-.
hehe.... fuken' wierdo
by kaiyubi-kage December 02, 2005
To cum on your others forhead and have it rain down their face.
I just went to Lisa and did the sprinkler on her.
by Carlos Mitchell May 01, 2016
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