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Jerking off with your own tears. Made popular by the movie "Waiting"
"...like that time you beat off using your own tears as lubricant(crasterbation)?"
"That was only once, and I was drunk."
by Jorpy12 June 18, 2006
The sick feeling you get in your stomach after being kicked in the balls.
Dear lord man, your going to have some mad wayne's complaint after that kick in the nuts
by Jorpy12 June 18, 2006
to put your thumb over the pecker hole when you cum. This creates a sprinkler efect, like your thumb over the end of a garden hose. Of corse you do this all over a bitches face after a blow job.
That bitch was so nasty, I gave her the sprinkler, and sent her ass packing.
by Jorpy12 February 28, 2006

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