When a guy goes soft and then lays on his back telling the girl he's about to cum and the girl twists his cock around a few times and lets it go- making the cum look like it's "coming" out of a sprinkler going round and round
Yeah, Jessica gave me a sprinkler last weekend.
by Wammajamma December 06, 2010
When a female gives head to a group of dudes standing around in a circle, and then spits out the cum like a garden sprinkler.
Fish: Yo, did you hear that chick did a sprinkler on the entire boys basketball team?

Josh: Yeah man, she is an a.n.c.h.o.r.
by Shellie Shel March 21, 2008
Sprinkler (the). Sexual act where the man performs the "sprinkler" dance, as in 1960's-style dance moves. As the man is dancing his partner has an orgasm. Largely a mythical act. When men say they did the "sprinkler" they also may mention "squirting" happened.
I totally tried to do the sprinkler, but who was I kidding?
by butterbricklebread January 29, 2011
to put your thumb over the pecker hole when you cum. This creates a sprinkler efect, like your thumb over the end of a garden hose. Of corse you do this all over a bitches face after a blow job.
That bitch was so nasty, I gave her the sprinkler, and sent her ass packing.
by Jorpy12 February 28, 2006
It's when you're with a sexpartner (or alone) and right before you cum you grab a hold of the ceilingfan and spin around while spreading your seed all over the place.
Man 1: Man, I watched a movie with this uptight bitch yesterday.
Man 2: She didn't let you...?
Man 1: No. So i pulled the sprinkler in her livingroom.
by Van Houten December 12, 2006
when a man pulls his penis out right before cumming and put it up against the girls chin and cum so it sprays like a water fountain
My girlfriend likes to have the sprinkler done to her in bed.
by The Dominator October 14, 2003
Goes even beyong the term "Asmo". Besides goats this species goes for sheep too. And dogs, if he has too.
To "sprinkler" someone.
by Asmo June 30, 2003

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