A large, steaming, wet pile of orange dog shit.
Oh my god whats that smell? Did you step a Snooki?!

Hey! Don't track that Snooki all through the house!

Looks like the dog just took a nice Snooki.
by MHhockey12345 January 10, 2012
Another word for a 10c Jersey shore WHORE!!!!
Snooki the WHORE crashed her car.DIE WHORE DIE!!!
by maddog546 May 31, 2011
a petite quidette, with the best hair poof and tends to be obnoxious.
Damn that girl was such a snooki last night. I think i can only take small amounts of her at a time.
by Chant 16 January 18, 2010
An erection that you are unsure of why you have.
Every time I watch Full House I get a snooki.
by StevieIrwin March 14, 2013
A 4'9" oompa loompa whos is overly tan and likes to party
omg did you see snooki shes soo short!
by for3vrr_young August 09, 2012
A girl who constantly gets drunk and does stupid, irresponsible and/or inconsiderate things in complete disregard to the fact that she has a boyfriend.

Such actions may include:

-Flashing her business in public

-Hooking up with other guys and girls while she has a boyfriend
-Lying to her boyfriend

On top of it all, she'll tend to claim that she's a good girlfriend and that she doesn't cheat.
Guy 1: My girlfriend cheated on me with 3 of her roommates.

Guy 2: Whoa! Seriously?!

Guy 1:Yeah...I'm giving her another chance though.

Guy 2: Why?! That's not a girlfriend, that's a Snooki!
by BlooMoon March 30, 2012
A snookie is an inner city beast. Some claim it to be a myth, others claim it to be the very demon sent personally by Satan himself to terrorize the world. It clashes designer clothing with thongs, booze, and a thirst for sex. This thirst has traumatized many men, after which their very sexual desires are forever torn into sleepless night and PTSD. The snookie is what the Boogie checks for before going to rest. The snookie is what God cannot stand to look at. And worst of all, the snookie is what American culture from Jersey and abroad become hypnotized to once a week on prime time. Do not look into the snookie's eyes, or it will choose you as its next victim.
Joe saw a Snooki, i haven't heard from him since.
by Raw Entice February 29, 2012
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