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large breasted short orange woman
Many people who reside on the Jersey Shore are snooki.
by herro crash October 30, 2011
6 3
Synonomous with drunken idiot
Did you see how much booze she had? what a snooki.
by Keenanator February 28, 2012
5 3
Another word for a 10c Jersey shore WHORE!!!!
Snooki the WHORE crashed her car.DIE WHORE DIE!!!
by maddog546 May 31, 2011
7 5
A large, steaming, wet pile of orange dog shit.
Oh my god whats that smell? Did you step a Snooki?!

Hey! Don't track that Snooki all through the house!

Looks like the dog just took a nice Snooki.
by MHhockey12345 January 10, 2012
5 4
An erection that you are unsure of why you have.
Every time I watch Full House I get a snooki.
by StevieIrwin March 14, 2013
0 0
A 4'9" oompa loompa whos is overly tan and likes to party
omg did you see snooki shes soo short!
by for3vrr_young August 09, 2012
3 3
A girl who constantly gets drunk and does stupid, irresponsible and/or inconsiderate things in complete disregard to the fact that she has a boyfriend.

Such actions may include:

-Flashing her business in public

-Hooking up with other guys and girls while she has a boyfriend
-Lying to her boyfriend

On top of it all, she'll tend to claim that she's a good girlfriend and that she doesn't cheat.
Guy 1: My girlfriend cheated on me with 3 of her roommates.

Guy 2: Whoa! Seriously?!

Guy 1:Yeah...I'm giving her another chance though.

Guy 2: Why?! That's not a girlfriend, that's a Snooki!
by BlooMoon March 30, 2012
3 3