A male or female that's unattractive, vulgar, attention-seeking, undeserving of praise and admiration and generally unlikeable.
"She's such a Snooki! I hate her!"
by Ch3lle September 09, 2010
Oompa loompa in the making.

Who's real name is:Nicole Polizzi.xD

She was subsequently parodied in the South Park episode "It's a Jersey Thing", and is frequently caricatured on Saturday Night Live by actor Bobby Moynihan.

On September 30, 2010, it was announced that Polizzi would be writing a book entitled 'A Shore Thing'. It was released in January 2011 and describes her search for love on the boardwalk.
Did you SEE that Snooki?She looks so orange.o_o
by BingbongBOOM February 27, 2011
someone who if you dye blue will look like a smurf.
horrible fake trans who ruins a perfectly fine tv show.
the only people who like her are 40 year old men who live in a one bedroom appartment with 30 cats....
an obnoxious cow mostly used as a punching bag
random person1: holly shit is that a smurf??
random person2: nah it's just that creepy looking hooker snooki.

normalnamedperson:"who the fuck has the name snooki??"
gay fag:"only like the hottest most coolest person ever!"
normalnamedperson *shoots the gay fag*
by bestpersonintheworldyourmum January 25, 2011
to get knocked out, punched, knock someone else out, or to be insanely drunk
man you were soooo snooki last night, you got kicked out of the bar!
by rlbmut. June 19, 2010
Dirty pussy from any person giving u any disease or diseases
person1: Damn son i got some snooki last night now my dick is about to fall off

Person2: that snooki can kill u better get it checked out
by jackmann June 17, 2010
see cum-dumpster, jizz-bag, fuck socket, com guzzling gutter slut. see also drunken moron
Bob, "do you see that drunken fuck socket over there?"
Tom, "yea, she's just a cum dumpster, what a Snooki."
by Justa guy March 16, 2013
Synonomous with drunken idiot
Did you see how much booze she had? what a snooki.
by Keenanator February 28, 2012

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