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A female guido; characteristic for having an absurdely long Italian name, breast implants, and tight clothing. Prominent in New Jersey.
Marvin will do anything to hook up with a guidette.
by Princess August 27, 2003
(n): The female counterpart to the "Guido" specimen. Exclusive to North America, these creatures are usually of Italian-American decsent. A Guidette can be recognized by her orange color, similar to that of the common tangerine, and their either very light or very dark hair. Guidettes have an overly sexual demeanor, and will often emit high pitch shreiks to attract mates. A creature of habit, the Guidette will spend an excessive amount of time on her appearance, and will usually prefer to don very light lipstick (often to referred to by experts as 'Semen Lipstick'), brands such as Ed Hardy, BeBe and Juicy Couture. Scientists believe they are very tolerant to chemical exposure, as Guidettes will use 3-4 cannisters of hairspray in one day alone.

Although reproduction has not been studied in this species, the Guidette will usually have anywhere from 100 to 200 sexual partners in her lifetime. However, some specimens were found to have exceeded these numbers by the age of thirty.

Common health problems reported in the species include, but are not limited to, alcoholism, venarial diseases (Most often strains of hepititis and herpes), sagging and wrinkled skin with a leathery texture and brain death.


The U.S. Wildlife and Game Adminstration
The U.S. Center for Disease Control)
I think I will go to the Zoo today, The Guidette exhibit just opened.
by MArie8773 January 02, 2010
A stupid whore with bleached blond dyed hair with excess black roots, gel/ hairspray, highlights, and eyemake up. Extra fake boobs usually pop out of the "Italian Princess" shirt that was purchased 10 sized too small with an exposed long dangly silver belly button ring that was most likely pierced at a grimey stand on the board walk. Stretchy fake denim jeans in which the playboy G string will be exposed to accent the playboy bunny necklace that can be found around the neck.
You can find these specimens on myspace whoring themselves, on a guido's top eight, at any grimey club that plays DJ insane, or at local malls usually socializing with other guidos and guidettes.
If spotted, feel free to hock a loogie.
Katie: Hey, did you see that guidette?
Sam: Yeah, I hocked a loogie at her.
Jen: She was irish.
by Judgeram September 02, 2006
Female counterpart to the Guido, meaning vapid, vain, and shortsighted. Located largely in the tri-state area or wherever there is a high density of Italian families. Can be spotted generally according to lack of clothing, and lack of breathability in said clothing. Often speaks in a high, shrill voice---almost like a mating call to attract guidos. Daily life consists of clubbing, tanning, shopping, perhaps exercise or work, and not a whole lot else.
If I spent the same amount of time studying as a guidette spends on her appearance, I could've gone to Harvard.
by bluebracelet November 13, 2009
A girl version of 'Guido.' Mainly found in New York lands or the Jersey Shore areas. These girls are excessive tanners, usually jet black or dark hair. They have fake boobs that don't fit in their shirts. Also, shirts are short at the stomach for tacky belly button rings to be exposed. Brands like 'Ed Hardy', 'Gucci', and 'Juicy Couture' are of a Guidette's favorites. Not only are these girls skanky, but they are incredibly annoying. With their New York/Jersey (very Italian-cavone accents) they don't keep their mouths shut (and in THAT way, too).
"Hey did you hear that?"
"Oh yeah, that's a guidette that can't keep her mouth shut for a second!"
by alexaa;) January 01, 2010
The female counterpart to the guido. Usually moderately attractive, with nice fake titts but in desperate need of a nose job. Her voice and personality are so repulsive that only incredibly desperate white males or other guidos/guidettes will listen to her.
She is a mammoth whore, the only type of woman that a guido won't date rape because he doesnt have to. Usually have anywhere between 3 ad 8 STD's, and the super STD chlapmydia is common among the older or more whorish kind. Some of them look like post-op trannies.
"I totally hooked up with (insert italian name) last night"
"that skanky-ass guidette? She probably gave you the Chlapmidya"
by Gnossos_the_wise April 09, 2006
A non-Italian girl who thinks she is Italian or a girl who likes Italian men and tries to act like she is Italian. Most Italian women would refer to themselves as guidas but if a girl refers to herself as a guidette, they know she is a mangacake. Italian women will trick non-Italian wanna bes into calling themselves guidettes and then laugh at them for being mangacakes.
hahaha, the mangacake guida wanna be thinks she is a guidette.
by guidette love February 08, 2012
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