1. Descendant of the fabled big-foot family, usually wears slutty clothes exposing most of its body, has a very loose vagina; however it is not apparent if it is male or female.
2. The reason why there's world hunger.
Guy 1: ''Dude, did you see that Snooki on Jersey Shore last night?''

Guy 2: ''Yeah dude, I could totally see its camel toe sagging through her socks!''
by Unanymouswat July 29, 2010
a term used to describe an overweight guidettewho possibly receives fashion advice from transvestite weekly.
snooki scares the crap out of me
by kookookrazy January 08, 2010
1. A guidette oompaloompa named nicole, made famous from mtv's Jersey Shore. She was made most famous when she was clocked in the face by a juiced up guido on TV.

2. A derogatory term for a fat guidette.

3. When a man punches a woman in the face, usually after consuming many rounds of shots
1. I was watching Jersey Shore last night, Snooki was hilarious! She deep throated a pickle and then passed out.

2. (about a fat guidette) Dude she's gross, what a Snooki....

3. That punch was a cheap snooki, only assholes punch women.
by i'mthebombliketicktick January 01, 2010
A useless lump of human excrement dyed orange and in possession of a jar of pickles and a Bump-It. It is a parasite found primarily along the coast of New Jersey, although it may travel great distances, spreading a disease known as "guiditis," which transforms normal human beings into orange, obnoxious piles of crap that literally serve no purpose other than to piss people off. It is also a vector for other infectious diseases including, but not limited to: herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital warts, rabies, tularemia, African Sleeping Sickness, marlaria, tetanus, tuberculosis, smallpox, Dengue fever, the common cold, syphillis, parvovirus, and myriad others. It should be avoided at all costs.
Goddammit, I fucking hate Snooki and everyone else on that stupid-ass show.
by Racecarisracecarinreverse. October 27, 2010
A person whose bra size exceeds her IQ.
Person 1: Man that girl is so stupid, but her breasts are huge!

Person 2: Yeah I know, she is such a Snooki!
by Jay Jay is Okay January 26, 2011
The most ugly, tanned, bitchy whore in the entire World! No, I mean the entire fucking UNIVERSE!!!!!!
Seriously, this girl looks like a fat, greasy, vulgar and ugly oompa-loompa who gets ride by every guy who passes in front of her.
"Snooki wants smuch smuch" from South Park
by TEuIN!CBSABCBS!TuCTuC October 31, 2010
One of the cast members of the original series Jersey Shore. The 4'9 tall guidette who loves juiceheads and pickles. When something makes her upset she goes "Waaaa"
JWOWW:Snooki what's wrong?
Snooki:Emilio just told me he fucked a girl!
JWOWW: That's fucked up
Snooki: Waaaaa!!!
by Deztiny October 18, 2010
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