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What idiots pay for when they forget there's a giant, shining ball in the sky called the sun.
Girl 1: Lyke I'm so pale, wanna go tanning this afternoon?
Girl 2: No thanks, I'd rather spend the day outside instead of wasting my money... stupid bitch.
by smokeontheknoll September 15, 2010
A term meaning a good friend and a cool asian.
I met a tan last year and we've been friends ever since.
by cory1234 February 07, 2009
Tans is a term used to describe someone of a British Background or decent.It is a term used mostly by Irish People as the British soldiers i.e. Black and Tans,the color of their uniforms during the Irish independence 1921 would ran-sack villages and towns of people who didn't deserve it at all.It is used for offense today as a insult to a British person
English Men:Hello there,mates.
Irish Men: Fuck off ye dirty tans
by James O'Neill October 23, 2007
Typical Ass Nigga

Someone who tries to fit in with everyone else like a little bitch; someone who can't be himself.
You're so fuckin T.A.N. you bitch

Stop TANNIN you faggot = Stop being a typical ass nigga
by N2345 September 10, 2010
An stereotypical english person wearing union jack shorts, pissed up on cheap larger, and singing 'no surrender' and ruining the more picturesque squares of European cities.
A: Why don't you bleedin paddies support the England team then?

B: 600 years of oppression you tan cunt.
by bart September 23, 2004
Tan (verb): the act of messing up in a big way; failure; the name of a supposed curse spawned by the pommel horse routine of gymnast Kevin Tan during the team competition at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, whose failure was so massive it has allegedly begun to plague other athletes.

"Tan Curse": Believed to have been caused by Kevin Tan's epic fail, so epic in fact that it is thought to have settled like a cloud over Beijing. Some people remain unaffected, and it's suspected that this is due to rubbing themselves against Michael Phelps in order to remove the fail they've been stained with.
Using "Tan" in a sentence: "OMG! Did you see that girl fall off the uneven bars? She tanned real bad."

People who have Tan in their name, and therefore are doomed to fail: Kevin Tan (the originator), Liam Tancock (finished last with "Tanada")

Synonyms: Besides "epic failure", it's argued that "Alicia" could be synonymous, named after the female gymnast who messed up pretty badly the next night. However, this is debatable since (1) her failure was not as epic and (2) in going with the "curse" theory, Tan's massive failure was such that it probably affected her performance, making it his fault, which is why she was briefly dubbed as "Alicia Tan" and "She-Tan." Also, Katie Hoff is the swimming world's "She-Tan" Other examples of those affected by the Tan curse are: Tyson Gay (Tanson Gay), Eamon Sullivan (Eamon Sullitan), Pang Jiaying (Tang Jiaying) Ara Abrahamian (Ara Abrahamitan) Fabian Hambüchen (Fabitan Hambüchen) Alain Bernard (Alain Bertand)
Milorad Cavic's coach, Brazil (Tanzil)

Antonyms: Win, Success, Phelps, May-Treanor/Walsh

"Tanada" is also a nickname for Canada, who, for much of the games, was one of the few developed nations without a single medal to their name. There is some debate as to whether or not this is appropriate as they were failing before Kevin Tan's major screw up. Some even go so far as to suggest it that Canada's failure is more massive than Kevin Tan's, since no man can fail harder than an entire country, and that perhaps, the curse is really the fault of Canada, and not one Kevin Tan. This is unlikely for two reasons: (1) Canada's fail is self-containing (2) Canada's fail is temporary, as it's accepted that they will own the planet at the Winter Olympics.
by fall of ilium August 18, 2008
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