the mix of a slut and a cunt..maunly used on slutty girls who are, in fact, also total cunts
"check that slunt...good shag but a total cunt"
by Sensual Sickness December 16, 2009
a girl who sleeps with everyone but you and is a super bitch!!
liz called me an a ahole cuz i called her out for banging the entire staff, then she slashed my tires im gonna back hand that slunt!
by smokey chantrel October 08, 2009
A woman so bitchy and obnoxious that were it not for her loose morals, she would have no male attention in her life.
yes, I knew Jill...ONCE.....what a slunt! The only pleasant thing that she brings to a relationship is sex!
by Muttt August 19, 2009
a slut cunt hybrid
you are such a slunt
by lessguy July 13, 2009
A combination of slut and cunt.
Wow, Kelsey is a total slunt.
by cuntdestroyer2000 February 12, 2009
a slut cunt that is whorish
You look like a slunt in those jeans.
by Cass Campbell December 29, 2008
a woman who sleeps around so is therefore a slut and could also be characterized as a cunt in the derogative sense.
"dude she gives everybody pussy except me! what a slunt."

"as soon as she came she just got up and walked away and said thanks, thats all i needed.... what a slunt"
by CNCD October 16, 2008

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