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297 definitions by Adam

protrusions on womens' chests which have the power to attract mens' eyes
other terms for tits
US: hooters, bazookas, gazongas, knockers

UK: fun bags, Bristols, jugs, baps, melons, knockers

FRANCE: Boules

SPAIN: Cocos, domingas, tetangas, papayas

JAPAN: Chi-chis

CZECH REPUBLIC: Mliekarne (refers to a shop that only sells milk)

RUSSIA: Grudis, siskis

by Adam August 10, 2004
This is a store to which people can find t-shirts, sweaters, hats, basically all attire that may have a faviorte band or funny saying. I personally go there, and I do not believe that I am trying to rebel against anything. And if I was trying to, to what would I be, society in itself, you could say the same thing about Pacific sunwear, Ecko, or any clothing store, they could all be considered rebelling against something. But I just want a shirt with my faviorte band's name on it.
Let's go to Hot Topic, and not rebel against anything, but rather buy some clothing articles, like we would in any other clothing store.
by Adam July 03, 2004
1. A person who tells on someone.
2. A bum of a person.
Check out these snitch-ass muthafuckas right here...
by Adam October 02, 2002
Referring to having sex with a female.

Comes from the party term, 'to tap a keg'.. where one inserts a tap into a keg and drinks what comes out. But the user is instead tapping an ass.
"Shitttt, I'd tap that ass any day of the week."
by Adam September 22, 2004
fucking best band of all time. heart cooks brain, bitches.
dan a. is a douchebag for thinking Modest Mouse is a one-hit-wonder. they have 8 cd's, you asshat.
by adam December 05, 2004
Cool, awesome, radical, new, innovative, different
"Dude, that new band is so nintendo"
by Adam April 16, 2003
1) to anally fuck someone
2) the asshole
1) i want to corn hole britney spears
2) i want to stick my penis in britney
spear's corn hole.
by Adam March 18, 2004