(noun) - To describe a person as both a slut and a cunt, derived from the word "slutcunt"; believed to originate from TAO (Together As One) 2009-2010 when a group of crazy fucked-up kids claimed that they have over used the word slut, so it has lost its meaning to them.
a. To simply insult a person; "You slunt!"
b. A way to express friendship and appreciation of each other; "Hey, nice rave costume, you slunt!"
c. To let your friend(s) know that they're making too much noise in the bedroom; Stripper: "Where's my skirt again?" Howard: "Ey, slunts!"
by V10190 January 07, 2010
1. a huge slut who is also a dirty cunt at the same time.

2. A girl who is so dirty and disgusting you dont even wanna waste your breath on her.

3. Jessica, Emily, Becca, Abbey, Sara
1. Wow look at her outfit she is seriously wearing nothing, she looks disgsuting, what a slunt. I'd like to curbstomp her.

2. Holy shit, what a .... slunt!

3. Those girls are suck huge slunts they should make a group, everybody hates them anyways.
by yoursogay August 09, 2009
a person who is a slut and a cunt at the same time (usually used when you don't feel rude enough to call someone a straight cunt, it just sounds nicer!)
That girl is acting like such a dirty slunt.
by fish24 May 18, 2009
The combination of slut and cunt. For that person you just really really don't like.
Omg that fucking Slunt!
by nutshak May 17, 2009
1. A value for which no algorithm exists.

2. An incalculable result.
Can you calculate the slunt of the data set that we're expecting to generate in 2038? I'll need these figures by Saturday.
by Ch4nge Ling January 29, 2009
(adj) a person who is both a slut and a cunt at the same time
That slunt needs to be hit with a bat because she fucked both of my friends and told everyone about their little dicks.
by mikemotto June 30, 2013
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