Engaging in the act of looking for sluts, as in, going on a slut hunt - slunt
Went out on the blaze last weekend, decided to get a slunt on, found heaps.
by EastsideVW May 02, 2011
Noun: A small increment of any quantity, usually distance. Usually used to describe a final adjustment which makes something just right.
Could you please move over a slunt so I could sit there?

Move that picture frame over just a slunt and it'll be perfect.

Add a slunt more sugar and the recipe is done!

Turn the volume up. How much? Just a slunt.
by The Clamster February 10, 2011
My older sister.
Anna Pauline is a total slunt.
by mntmadness December 09, 2010
A pejorative word for a female who is rude, socially intolerable, or overly-sexually promiscuous; the combination of the words "slut" and "cunt". It also provides a convenient sidestepping of two more offensive words, being more socially acceptable, yet saturated with unmistakable traces of profanity.
"I hate that girl"
"I know she's such a slunt...mom".
by themuffinman86 December 07, 2010
slut and cunt
That dirty girl is a slunt.
He only likes slunts.
by Daddyyyy<3333 May 05, 2010
(noun) - To describe a person as both a slut and a cunt, derived from the word "slutcunt"; believed to originate from TAO (Together As One) 2009-2010 when a group of crazy fucked-up kids claimed that they have over used the word slut, so it has lost its meaning to them.
a. To simply insult a person; "You slunt!"
b. A way to express friendship and appreciation of each other; "Hey, nice rave costume, you slunt!"
c. To let your friend(s) know that they're making too much noise in the bedroom; Stripper: "Where's my skirt again?" Howard: "Ey, slunts!"
by V10190 January 07, 2010
a person who is a slut and a cunt at the same time (usually used when you don't feel rude enough to call someone a straight cunt, it just sounds nicer!)
That girl is acting like such a dirty slunt.
by fish24 May 18, 2009

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