Just like it sounds, a combo of slut and cunt. A female who sleeps with anything with a dick, and has no female friends b/c she's such a cunt.
A group of girls in a bar notice the slutty girl on the bar - "That bitch has fucked everyone in the bar, and just look at her roll her eyes at us, what a slunt!"
by K_stub March 23, 2007
(adj) a person who is both a slut and a cunt at the same time
That slunt needs to be hit with a bat because she fucked both of my friends and told everyone about their little dicks.
by mikemotto June 30, 2013
(Adjective) Sly, cunt.
Robin Hearts posted on Deb's facebook wall that she was going to be in town for her show. Deb "liked" it, but didn't show...Deb is a SLUNT...
by unowhothisis September 09, 2011
A slutty cunt.
Did you see Allyson at that dance last weekend? She was acting like such a slunt around those guys!
by Stanelz March 31, 2011
A derogatory term for a woman who is both promiscuous and socially unagreeable; a portmanteau of "slut" and "cunt."
Personally, I think Samantha from Sex and the City is a total slunt.
by Curtis X Meyer December 04, 2010
Slut and cunt combined.
Oh My God, she is such a slunt!
by frazndaz November 08, 2010
Troublemaking, drama-addicted, two-faced, hippocritical, judgmental, closet loser women who use their husbands for status, but who give blow-jobs, hand-jobs, their pussy folds and/or money and gifts to the parasitic in exchange for compliments and transient and false self-esteem, specifically those who are married and going outside their marriage to deliver said palm jobs, suck jobs and bumpin' uglies.
Rita loves J's his cock (and others) and is envious when someone else is on it, even though her husband Tim would willingly let her stroke his, therefore she is a slut. Rita deters other women from J's cock with devious threats and malicious intent, so as to keep her concubine to herself, therefore she is a cunt. Rita is the most quintessential example of Slunt, if there ever was one.
by slunthaters June 13, 2010

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