1. Dried up brick weed that isn't even worth smoking.

2. SHit you WAnna Get rid of (as in promotional items, inventory, things collected, or previously held for resale)
1. Hell no, nigga! I ain't smokin' that shwag wit chu.

2. There's some free SHWAG in the lunch room if you ladies want some.
by K.dub July 14, 2005
SHit We All Got.
Normally free pot that you only use when you are fiending.
They dealer just gave me some free shwag.
by A Fellow Stoner August 28, 2004
Meaning of lesser importance or value; not "Dank"
"Dude, that sack we got was so shwag"
"Fo'sho man, fo'sho"
by uhhh Monti May 16, 2006
Weed that mexicans sell.
Lacking THC
That mexican sold me bad weed. a.k.a. shwag
This shit is shwag.
by Jizzon December 21, 2005
advertising that stays, ie. t-shirts, coffee cups, pens, lighters, ball caps, bumper stickers, etc.
Yeah, I went to the car show and came home with a whole lot of schwag in a bag.
by schwag-girl March 04, 2004
so much swag
Jim: i just made my girlfriend squirt
Andy: SHWAG!
Jim: thnx bro
by FreddyTickle June 04, 2011
Free stuff, such as the kind a musician/band might throw into the crowd at a performance (e.g. t-shirts, novelty beach balls, stickers, etc.) also spelled "schwag", but NOT to be confused with "swag".
Me: Dude, I got so much shwag at that concert last night.
Friend: sweet, like what kinda stuff?
Me: some free stickers and a t-shirt!
by somelocaldj October 05, 2011

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