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A person who is particularly annoying because of their fake, ingenuous, or sycophantic personality. A shwag also fails to recognize that others clearly see through their self-serving ways.
Hey, look at Steve over there sucking up to the boss again.

Yeah, I see him. What a shwag.
by noneyuh November 10, 2007
really leafy, dirty smelling weed.
leafy Outdoor weed.
by rob December 15, 2003
1) Inpotent cronic i.e. weed / marajuana containing a low THC count

ex: I ain't smokin' this shwag! Bleugh!

2) Many plundered treasures of significant value stolen and collected for a long time before being called "shwag"

ex: I going to steal this guy's sweet bag of shwag!
1)ex: I ain't smokin' this shwag! Bleugh!

2)ex: I going to steal this guy's big bag of shwag!
by Acid303404 May 11, 2005
Your stupid,retarted, idiotatic.ugly
(Damn Marcus your fucking shwag)
by Matchez!! December 05, 2008
Apparel for sale or free.
How much for the shwag?
by jeff McCormack February 06, 2004
Shwag: Stuff that just lies around and shouldn't. Useless clutter or garbage.
After the gang finished digging the yard up, there was 'shwag' left all over the damn place!
Clear the fucking 'shwag' out of this garage and maybe we could park a car in it!
by ruthie October 25, 2003
A hair cut of any sort.
Dude you gota shwag!
by x89 May 26, 2005