Mediocre Pot.
I spent less and got scwhag, could have spent more and got dank.
by Mike January 13, 2003
when something is truly lame.
ooh nah nah, what's my shwag?
by bong ramen October 09, 2011
just some worthless weed not worth smokin really ( mexican shwag )
man get that shwag ass babbage outta here man , tryin to hit some nugs bra
by splankinberry August 11, 2003
1. Basic or standard quality weed usually used by beginners for the mellow effect it causes

2. Standard pot smoked mainly for a slight mellow effect.
Ex 1.
"Hay man its my first time smoking weed."

"Then just smoke some shwag to start you off."

Ex 2.
"Hay man i only got 20 bucks whatta ya' want?"

"just get a twenty of some shwiggs for now."
by Nintendawg64 November 12, 2009
a less expensive and less potential type of weed also known as dirt weed..
1. " i dont have enough money for all of us, lets buy some shwag.."

by Arch Enemy April 06, 2006
1. dirt-boor bud.
2. term denoting that a thing or person is lame/offensive.
1. "Sorry man, all I got is shwag."
2. "Dude, that guy is such a fucking shwag hippie."
by 2day September 07, 2005
SHit We All Got.
Normally free pot that you only use when you are fiending.
They dealer just gave me some free shwag.
by A Fellow Stoner August 28, 2004

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