Free stuff, such as the kind a musician/band might throw into the crowd at a performance (e.g. t-shirts, novelty beach balls, stickers, etc.) also spelled "schwag", but NOT to be confused with "swag".
Me: Dude, I got so much shwag at that concert last night.
Friend: sweet, like what kinda stuff?
Me: some free stickers and a t-shirt!
by somelocaldj October 05, 2011
A higher echelon or level of swag. Originated by the native island people of Lackashwagsen PA. May also be used as a sentence enhancer or as the replacement of a fragment of a word. Example- magazine would be Shwagazine.

The originator of Shwag is BeaSix of DTK entertainment. You can hear his song "Shwag To The Fullest" in summer of 2011.
Hop up out the bed turn my SHWAG on. turn to soulja boi, and say shut the eff up!
by THE CREATOR OF SHWAG April 07, 2011
While working in a particular industry to obtain items for free
Jimmy got some shwag while working at the Foghat show
by Mattricio January 02, 2003
The OPPOSITE of skunk hydro buds
Man, put that shwag next to the banana peels and the pine needles you keep tryin' to light..........
by NoShwagHere May 14, 2003
slang for "swag" which is an acronym for "Shit We All Get"
ewwwww! get that shit outta my bowl. i dont smoke shwag.
by dirt January 29, 2003
noun - a player hater; a sell-out or an a**hole.
"Yo, why is that shwag hatin on me?"

"The band Creed is a bunch of shwags."
by R.M.K. May 02, 2009


Regular weed

Dirty seed filled Mexican marijuana

Marijuana bought at cheap prices often times in impoverished neighborhoods in front of liquor stores from African Americans with gold teeth possibly carrying a firearm in their waste band who will not hesitate to make you “spread your shit” in order to take all of the Caucasians belongings and money, without exchanging the shwag.

"Dude, I got some weed the other day and it was shwag"
by Jordan Knight April 01, 2008

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