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the act of having to take a shit really badly, but there happen to be no bathrooms anywhere near you.
In the car yesterday, on our road trip I had a real shituation, there were no bathrooms for miles!
by diarrheaKing206 January 09, 2011
A shitty situation.
What happened between you and Ashley? I don't know, it's just a shituation right now.
by dankyK December 15, 2010
When you are confused by the actions of others.
This is a shituation.
People making assumptions------Shituation

People posting random videos-----Shituation


by IHaveNoIdealol March 11, 2013
When you really have to poop and suddenly realize there is no toilet paper...
In Frank's haste to take a crap at the Mexican restaurant, he discovered his stall was completely out of toilet paper, thus leaving him in an awkward shituation.
by PetsorMeat‽ September 10, 2011
when a situation is shit
shit man that is a shituation !
by lauren charm September 27, 2010
A Situation That Was Fucked From The Beginning As In You Never Really Had A Chance
Karen Told Rob She Had An STD Before They Had Sex It Was A Shituation From The Get Go
by Siikwithasmile September 13, 2010
A situation in which only dialogue that can vocalized is, "SHIT."
In other words, a very unfortunate and unpreferable situation to be in.
1) A: "Crap man, last night my girlfriend caught me in a threesome."
B: "Dude, you're in one hell of a shituation."

2) A: "My dear fellow, I just slew a many of elderly women mistakingly placing large quantities of vicodin within their servings of jello!"
B: "Thou oust within a shituaution."
by orangepuddin9807 May 20, 2010