A shitty situation
He was caught with his pants down in a shituation
by Jim Goldner...Pride of UCLA March 06, 2012
the act of having to take a shit really badly, but there happen to be no bathrooms anywhere near you.
In the car yesterday, on our road trip I had a real shituation, there were no bathrooms for miles!
by diarrheaKing206 January 09, 2011
A shitty situation.
What happened between you and Ashley? I don't know, it's just a shituation right now.
by dankyK December 15, 2010
When you really have to poop and suddenly realize there is no toilet paper...
In Frank's haste to take a crap at the Mexican restaurant, he discovered his stall was completely out of toilet paper, thus leaving him in an awkward shituation.
by PetsorMeat‽ September 10, 2011
When you are confused by the actions of others.
This is a shituation.
People making assumptions------Shituation

People posting random videos-----Shituation


by IHaveNoIdealol March 11, 2013
when a situation is shit
shit man that is a shituation !
by lauren charm September 27, 2010
A Situation That Was Fucked From The Beginning As In You Never Really Had A Chance
Karen Told Rob She Had An STD Before They Had Sex It Was A Shituation From The Get Go
by Siikwithasmile September 13, 2010

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