n.: a bad situation, 2.: a dramatic, usually negative happening resulting in utter shit in one's life.
Having GW in office sure is a shituation for da nation.
by You Need a Breath Mint! November 12, 2003
(noun) a set of circumstances in which one finds oneself; a state of affairs, that have gone to shit.
After hooking up with his female friend once, and being denied a second time, Jake found himself in a shituation.
by thunderbearhawk November 08, 2011
a shitty situation, the word is meant to remove bad, terrible and awful as adjectives to the word situation
man im in another shituation, my gf just caught me cheating!
by yasibasi April 18, 2011
A bad situation.
Andy: "Gary my lad, what's the matter?"
Gary: "I got into a right shituation with the wife earlier."
Andy: "What happened?"
Gary: "I've been hitting up another woman at home behind her back, she found the text messages on my phone. I'm scared she'll leave me and take my custody of our son."
by Broughton March 13, 2014
A really shitty situation
Argh. This is a real shituation. Any more bright ideas, Einstein??
by cedarteeth July 18, 2013
A bad situation.
This is quite the shituation we've got ourselves in to. What a shituation.
by ffry444 May 15, 2013
A situation in which one's time to reach a proper bathroom will exceed the amount of time before an involuntary bowl movement will occur.
After eating some street food in Mexico, I had a shituation and needed to buy new pants.
by Magatron February 06, 2013
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