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It's Where You Put A Person In A Chokehold And Shake All The Money Out Of Him/Her's Pockets, Then You Grab The Money And Run
Yesterday I Pulled A Jewish Kung-Fu, I'm Not Broke Anymore.
by Siikwithasmile August 23, 2010
A Situation That Was Fucked From The Beginning As In You Never Really Had A Chance
Karen Told Rob She Had An STD Before They Had Sex It Was A Shituation From The Get Go
by Siikwithasmile September 13, 2010
1: The act of saying the word faggot too much.

2: Sucking at Call of Duty

3: Not having any recollection that your cousin Jeffrey is alive or dead.
Darryl : How'd you like that, you Faggot?. Faggot , Faggot.
Guy #1 : Quit being a Darryl Dahmer
Darryl: You're a faggot
Guy # 2 : Just stop talking, man
by Siikwithasmile November 30, 2010

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